10 Men's Hairstyles We Hope Never Return

Man Bun With Streaks

Elevate your look with a twist on the classic man bun by adding some vibrant streaks. Perfect for showcasing confidence with longer hair.


The ponytail remains a versatile and stylish choice for men with longer hair. Whether you're hitting the gym or attending a casual outing, this classic hairstyle keeps your locks

Man Bun with a Short Fade

Rock this cool and easy-to-do hairstyle combining a man bun with a short fade. Perfect for showcasing your personality.

The Ivy League

A timeless men's hairstyle resembling a modern crew cut, ideal for sleek, side-parted styles. Versatile from college to business settings.

Shoulder-Length Hair

For those blessed with fast-growing, healthy hair, try shoulder-length styles like quiffs or pompadours for a standout look.

Comb Over and Fade

The comb over with a fade is a contemporary twist on a classic style, offering a sophisticated look with a modern edge. Ideal for men who prefer a refined appearance with a touch of texture.

Curly Hair Fade

Embrace your natural curls with a stylish fade haircut that enhances your texture. The curly hair fade combines the structure of a fade on the sides and back with the volume and bounce of curly hair on top.

Slick Back

The timeless slicked-back hairstyle exudes sophistication and versatility. Achieve a polished look by combing your hair straight back with a styling product for a sleek finish.


The pompadour hairstyle is all about volume and style. Characterized by high volume on top that tapers down towards the back and sides, it's perfect for making a bold statement.


The quiff hairstyle combines sophistication with edginess. Featuring a voluminous top styled upwards and back, it's versatile for both casual and formal looks.

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