10 Vintage Hairstyles That Must Return

Discover the 1970s-inspired shag haircut, now trending on TikTok. DIY with a high pony and layers for a messy chic look or visit a stylist for precision.

The Shag

Revive the 1930s pin curls—heatless and glamorous. Twirl damp hair, secure with pins, and unveil stunning ringlets after a few hours.

Pin Curls

Embrace timeless Hollywood waves from the 1940s. Achieve red-carpet elegance with shiny waves, suitable for all hair lengths and styles.

Old Hollywood Waves

Channel the bold 1980s vibe with voluminous hair. Skip the knots but add volume with recommended styling products for an updated retro look.

80s Volume

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus bring back the 'business in front, party in the back' mullet. Discover why it's the trendiest style of the 2020s.

The Mullet

Step back into the 60s with soft curtain bangs. Unlike traditional bangs, these are easy to style to the side, offering a softer, versatile look.

Curtain Bangs

Transform your look with a chic short bob. Modern variations sit bluntly above the shoulders, offering a fresh change from long locks.

Short Bob

Elegant and timeless, the French twist remains a classic choice. Opt for a claw clip for a modern twist on this vintage updo.

French Twist

Experiment with a faux bob for a risk-free short hair illusion. Perfect for trying out a new look without the commitment of cutting your hair.

Faux Bob

Short hair? Try finger waves for vintage elegance. Similar to Hollywood waves, this style adds sophistication to shorter hairstyles.

Finger Waves

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