5 Simple exercises that are better than pull-ups for a bigger, stronger back

Barbell row

One of the most well-liked complex movements for strengthening your shoulders, biceps, forearms, major back muscles, and spinal erectors is certainly this barbell exercise.


Deadlifts are an absolute must in your workout regimen if they aren't already. This workout works every posterior chain muscle, including the lats, delts, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and core. It just takes one movement to see results.

 Renegade row

The renegade row is a great exercise that targets not just your upper back and shoulders but also your complete body, especially your core strength because it combines a plank and a dumbbell row into one movement.

Lat pulldowns

Another well-liked pulling exercise for gaining back strength and size is the lat pulldown, which is a favorite among bodybuilders and powerlifters.

One arm cable row

In fact, one of the best back workouts for Jeff Cavaliere, the founder of Athlean-X and a strength and conditioning coach, is the one-arm cable row.