7 Brunch Recipes Youve Probably Never Made Before

Shakshuka Breakfast Tacos: Combine the flavors of shakshuka with the convenience of tacos for a brunch dish that's sure to please. Fill soft tortillas with a spicy tomato and pepper sauce, then top with eggs cooked to perfection.

Matcha Pancakes with Black Sesame Syrup: Give your traditional pancake recipe a Japanese-inspired twist by adding matcha powder to the batter. The earthy flavor of matcha pairs beautifully with the nuttiness of black sesame syrup.

Savory French Toast with Bacon Jam: Take your French toast game to the next level by adding savory ingredients like bacon jam and sharp cheddar cheese. The sweetness of the maple syrup balances perfectly with the smoky, salty flavor of the bacon jam.

Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Crepes: Crepes are a classic brunch staple, but why not switch things up with a savory filling? These delicate crepes are filled with a creamy mixture of ricotta cheese.

Smoked Salmon and Avocado Eggs Benedict: Put a modern twist on the classic eggs Benedict by swapping out the traditional ham for luxurious smoked salmon and creamy avocado. The richness of the poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

Sourdough Waffles with Honey Butter: Upgrade your waffle game by using tangy sourdough starter in the batter. The sourdough adds a subtle tanginess and extra fluffiness to the waffles, while the honey butter topping adds a touch of sweetness.

Chai Spiced Granola Parfait: For a lighter brunch option that's still packed with flavor, try these chai spiced granola parfaits. Layer creamy Greek yogurt with crunchy homemade granola flavored.