7 Exercises Every Men Should Do Every Day To Stay Muscular

Hip Bridges

Stronger glutes and hips are beneficial for all guys since they enhance movement patterns, boost general strength, and maintain the flexibility of your knees and lower back.


The ultimate workout is the squat. They work excellent for mobility and recuperation to open your hips and get the blood flowing, and they're ideal for use in the gym with barbells, kettlebells, and other weights.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Because of all the sitting we do, everyone has tight hip flexors, which can lead to lower back problems and dysfunctional movement patterns.

Spiderman Lunges with Overhead Reach

Without a doubt, one of the best dynamic stretches for opening your back and hips is this one. Your mobility will significantly increase as you practice the action and get better, which will lead to more effective workouts and less aches.


Light cardiovascular exercise is crucial if you want to maintain your muscle mass since it increases your conditioning so you can train harder and helps you recover from workouts more quickly.

 Wall Slides

The wall slide is the next exercise in our daily muscle-maintenance program for guys. Due to weak back muscles and an overdeveloped chest, many men suffer from stooped shoulders.


An actual plank? Hear us out: In order to prepare your core for handling large weights and several repetitions, it is essential to engage it before to a workout.