7 Floor Exercises Women Should Do Every Day To Stay Fit


Pushups, a mainstay of many fitness regimens, strengthen your core, triceps, shoulders, and chest.


The plank is a "powerful core-strengthening exercise" that works your shoulders and glutes, according to Read.


This all-body workout combines a leap, a pushup, and a squat. Increasing your cardiovascular fitness with this is a great idea.

Mountain Climbers

Starting with your hands shoulder-width apart and your wrists lined up with your shoulders, you'll start in the high plank position.

Leg Raises

Leg lifts work the lower abdominal muscles, which are difficult to work with other types of exercise.

Russian Twists

Prepare to tone and define your abs with a Russian twist. Sit on a fitness mat to start, with your upper body at a 45-degree angle with the floor.

Glute Bridges

The glute bridge is the final but equally important floor exercise for men to perform every day.