7 Public and Private Beaches In Key Largo

Far Beach (Public)

One of the best beaches in Key Largo is Far Beach, which is a state park. For more on excursions and equipment rentals, contact the park's visitor center.

Sunset Cove (Private)

Out of all the beaches in Key Largo, Sunset Cove is the most quiet. The pleasures of exclusive beaches, surely? There is a noticeable difference with fewer crowds.

Seafarer Resort And Beach (Private)

If you're searching for accommodations in the mid-range to lower price bracket, the Seafarer Resort and Beach is a great option. It provides a relaxed atmosphere and a subdued beach.

Harry Harris Park Beach (Public)

For families with little children, the shallow water is ideal, and Harry Harris Beach's protected location makes it a dependable option for more anxious swimmers.

Cannon Beach (Public)

Cannon Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in the Florida Keys, out of all the beaches in Key Largo. With tropical fish and pristine waters, it is home to the most vibrant marine life.

Sombrero Beach (Public)

Sombrero Beach is a unique place. Why? From April through October, loggerhead turtles nest on this white sand beach.

Anne s Beach (Public)

Although Anne's Beach isn't technically in Key Largo, it is only 30 minutes away by vehicle, so it's a clever addition to this itinerary.