7 Reasons to Fall in Love With the American Saddlebred

Spirit-wise, saddlebreds are distinctive. Though sensitive, they are people-oriented and concentrated on their human. Trusted people are eager to please.

Saddlebreds have a "look at me!" attitude that makes people fall in love with them instantly and forever. When they enter a pasture, they lift their necks and blow loudly to announce their happiness.

Experience a Saddlebred rack and you'll never go back. Unlike most horses, saddlebreds may rack and sluggish amble.

Saddlebreds are great to watch in stalls for their expressive eyes and inquiring gaze. They're joyful, alert, and mentally sharp.

Saddlebreds thrive in saddleseat, eventing, show jumping, dressage, combination driving, western pleasure, endurance, and competitive trail riding.

This breed works hard and takes its job seriously. Most unusually, they work hard and are cheerful. They listen and go on. Finally, their fanciness doesn't diminish their beauty. 

Saddlebreds are curious social butterflies. They like being alert and aware of their surroundings, making them fun for young riders.