7 Subtle Signs Someone Isn't A Good Person

John Gottman, a communication specialist, highlighted criticism, scorn, defensiveness, and stonewalling as relationship killers.

Relationships are journeys, not scores. Rehashing past errors in debates breeds bitterness and slows growth. Instead, concentrate on the present and solve problems together.

Psychological neglect may be equally harmful as physical neglect. This means not listening, showing love, or spending time together.

Nobody reads minds. Without open communication, assuming you know your partner's thoughts and feelings leads to misunderstandings.

Comparing yourself to seemingly great relationships online or in your social group can be fueled by social media and cultural influences. Every partnership has issues.

Empathy means understanding and sharing another's feelings. Without empathy, a supportive partnership is hard.

Relationships are collaborations, not rivalries. Arguing about blame inhibits solutions and breeds bitterness.