8 Back-to-School Hairstyles For All Hair Types

Double Dutch Braids

Perfect for active days, these braids keep hair neat and stylish throughout the day. Start with a center part and secure with clear elastics for a clean finish. 

Baby Pineapple Curls

Celebrate natural curls with this adorable high ponytail style. Add a colorful headband or bow for extra flair that matches their outfit.

Pom-Pom Ropes

Let your child get creative with this fun, colorful style. Use ribbons or rubber bands to create playful bubble ponytails that stand out. 

Pulled Back Headband

Simple yet chic, this style combines a headband with half-up ponytails for a sweet look. Ideal for kids who prefer fuss-free styles.

Beaded Braids with Big Buns

For long hair, this style features big buns and braids adorned with beads. It's a cool and practical choice for active kids.

Triangular Mohawk Plait with Hair Glitter

Add some sparkle to their day with this mohawk-inspired braid. Perfect for middle schoolers who want a stylish yet fun look. 

Wash and Go

Embrace natural curls with this easy, low-maintenance style. Add clips or grips for a personalized touch that keeps hair away from the face.

Waterfall Braid

For a sophisticated look, try this intricate braid that cascades like a waterfall. Ideal for special occasions or when they want to feel extra special. 

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