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8 Colorful Homemade French Macaron Recipes

Classic French Macarons

Start with a basic French macaron recipe made with almond flour, powdered sugar, egg whites, and granulated sugar. Divide the batter and add food coloring to create a rainbow of colors.

Lemon Macarons

Add a pop of sunny yellow to your macarons with lemon-flavored shells and lemon buttercream filling. Zest a lemon into the batter and add a drop of yellow food coloring for a bright and citrusy treat

Raspberry Macarons

Use raspberry-flavored shells tinted with pink food coloring and fill with raspberry jam or raspberry buttercream for a sweet and tart macaron bursting with fruity flavor

Blueberry Macarons

Create purple-hued macaron shells with blueberry flavoring and fill with blueberry compote or blueberry cream cheese frosting for a delightful and colorful treat

Matcha Macarons

Add a touch of green to your macarons with matcha powder and fill with white chocolate ganache or matcha buttercream for a sophisticated and earthy flavor profile

Strawberry Macarons

Make vibrant pink macaron shells flavored with strawberry extract and fill with strawberry jam or strawberry buttercream for a sweet and summery treat

Orange Creamsicle Macarons

Capture the flavors of a classic creamsicle with orange-flavored shells and a creamy vanilla buttercream filling. Add orange food coloring to the batter for a bright and citrusy dessert

Lavender Macarons

Infuse your macarons with the delicate flavor and purple hue of lavender. Add a drop of purple food coloring to the batter and fill with lavender-infused buttercream or ganache for an elegant and fragrant treat