Mini Blunt Bob: This chin-grazing bob combines blunt ends with texture, offering the best of both worlds for a stylish look.

Blunt Textured Cut: Opting for blunt ends and adding texture to the body instantly adds thickness to the hair, creating a fuller appearance.

Curtain Bangs: Embrace this stylish and retro trend with curtain bangs, adding a touch of flair to any hairstyle.

Short Shag Cut: Chin-length curls with bangs create a flattering and unique look, perfect for those seeking a bit of edge in their style.

Sharp Shoulder Cut: This modern cut gives a sleek and on-trend update to classic bobs or lobs, with sharp lines that exude confidence.

1970s Long Cut: Channel the soft and feathered looks of the 1970s with this modern long cut, offering a nod to vintage hairstyles with a contemporary twist.

Lob-Length Curls: Boost your confidence with medium-length curly hair featuring layers and subtle curtain bangs, creating a chic and voluminous look.

Choppy Layers: Add an edgy vibe to your haircut with choppy layers and bangs, giving a modern twist to a classic lob hairstyle.