8 Killer Hairstyles For Beautiful Short Hair Over 50

Classic Bob

The classic bob hairstyle is universally attractive and grazes your jawline for a timeless, low-maintenance look. It contours your face, providing a revitalizing boost.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is low-maintenance and flattering to your features. It naturally enhances sharp cheekbones. If you want extra texture, a little of pomade will add depth. 

Feathered Pixie

A feathery pixie cut emphasizes the inherent beauty of your hair by adding lightness and movement. This haircut has delicate layers that suit mature hairstyles.

Shaggy Layers

Shaggy, mismatched layers add a carefree, youthful feel to your hairstyle. This cut adds volume effortlessly and exudes casual chic. 

Layered Crop

A short, layered crop gives volume to fine hair. It's a colorful style that lifts hair and keeps it appearing full. Apply mousse to your stacked crop and scrunch it up.

Curly Bob

If you have curly hair, embrace its natural texture and go for a short, easily manageable bob. It adds bounce and a lively appearance.

Wavy Pixie

A wavy pixie cut incorporates soft waves into the pixie for a cute, young look that is simple to maintain. Small parts curled with a small-barrel iron provide a lively, fresh, and appealing look.

Blunt-Cut Bob

A blunt-cut bob demonstrates precision and refinement. It's perfect for fine hair and provides a sophisticated style with little effort. Straighten after blow-drying and apply a shine serum.

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