8 of the best places to visit in Belgium

1. Brussels: The capital city of Belgium is a must-visit destination known for its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine. Don't miss the Grand Place, Atomium, and the iconic Manneken Pis statue.

2. Bruges: Often referred to as the "Venice of the North," Bruges is a picturesque medieval city with cobblestone streets, canals, and well-preserved architecture. Explore the historic city center, visit the Belfry of Bruges, and indulge in Belgian chocolate and waffles.

3. Ghent: With its impressive medieval architecture and vibrant atmosphere, Ghent is a city full of history and charm. Highlights include Gravensteen Castle, St. Bavo's Cathedral, and the Graslei and Korenlei waterfront.

4. Antwerp: Known as the "Diamond Capital of the World," Antwerp is a bustling port city with a rich cultural heritage. Visit the Cathedral of Our Lady, Rubenshuis (the former home of painter Peter Paul Rubens), and the Antwerp Central Station

5. Bastogne: Located in the heart of the Ardennes region, Bastogne is a historic town known for its role in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II. Visit the Bastogne War Museum, the Mardasson Memorial

6. Leuven: Home to one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe, Leuven is a lively university town with a rich history. Visit the stunning Town Hall, explore the picturesque Old Market Square, and sample local beers at one of the many bars and breweries.

7. Dinant: Nestled along the banks of the River Meuse, Dinant is a charming town known for its dramatic citadel, stunning scenery, and picturesque architecture. Don't miss the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame and the iconic saxophone-shaped bridge.

8. Waterloo: History buffs will enjoy visiting Waterloo, the site of the famous Battle of Waterloo where Napoleon was defeated in 1815. Explore the battlefield, visit the Wellington Museum, and climb the Lion's Mound for panoramic views of the area.