8 Trendy Wedge Haircuts for Modern Women to Inspire Your Next Chop

Classic Wedge Cut

The Classic Wedge Cut is a staple haircut known for its sleek, structured shape. It’s perfect for a polished, modern look.

Textured Wedge Cut

The Textured Wedge Cut adds a bold, modern twist to the classic wedge with choppy layers and volume. Great for adding volume and texture. 

Asymmetrical Wedge Cut

The Asymmetrical Wedge Cut features a unique, modern look with longer layers on one side for a chic, asymmetrical effect.

Wedge Cut with Bangs

Features classic wedge layers with added bangs to frame the face and add extra style. It’s a fresh take on the traditional wedge cut.

Layered Wedge Cut

Features a series of layered cuts to add dimension and movement to the classic wedge shape. It’s a modern take on a timeless haircut.

Long Wedge Cut

Features a longer length while maintaining the wedge shape with stacked back layers and longer front pieces.

Choppy Wedge Cut

The Choppy Wedge Cut features choppy layers for a casual, cool look that’s both stylish and low-maintenance.Ideal for those who want a casual.

Wedge Cut

The Wedge Cut with Highlights adds a touch of brightness and dimension to the classic wedge cut for a fresh, modern look.Use a highlighting kit or visit.

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