8 Ways to Use Up That Jar of Jam

Linzer Cookies

If you want a standard jam recipe, this cookie is it. It's based on the jam-filled Austrian linzertorte.

Peanut Butter and Jam Cake With Raspberries

To make this cake that tastes like the popular PB&J, you mix jam with fresh fruit. This gives the cake both deep and bright flavors.

Sticky Grilled Chicken

Jam isn't just for sweets. We make this grilled chicken meal every year when the weather gets nice enough to cook outside.


These traditional three-sided cookies are a must-have for Purim. Some jams and jellies, as well as a lemony poppy seed spread, are what we like to put in ours.

Summer Jam Floats

Any fruit jam without seeds will work in this easy, no-bake dessert. Vanilla ice cream tastes better when you add cream soda to it.

Raspberry Sweet Rolls

If we're talking about breakfast, these buns with jam might become your new favorite cinnamon roll recipe.

Tutti-Frutti Thumbprint Cookies

Show off your jam collection with a rainbow of soft cookies that look like shortbread. When fruit is freeze-dried, the sour taste and bright colors get even better.

Gâteau au Yaourt Pour le Dîner

This French cake is so simple it's perfect for a dinner party, but a glaze made from apricot jam or marmalade and a few teaspoons of rum makes it look nice.