9 Best and worst hairstyles for men with thin hair

This powerful, manly look is ideal, particularly if you are losing hair in your temples. Your M-shaped hairline can go, giving you a more young, vibrant appearance.

High fade

This timeless haircut flatters most facial shapes and might help minimize the obvious thinning of your hair.

Buzz cut

A refined and refined cut, the side-swept portion utilizes your denser side hair to conceal slight hair loss at the top.

Side-swept part

The stylish and rebellious faux hawk works nicely with a receding hairline. Lifting your crown hair with hair gel creates a little mohawk.

Faux hawk

If you feel that your hair is excessively thin, cutting it short is usually a good solution because it makes the texture less noticeable.

Short and messy

Even thin, wavy hair can be worn longer. If you tousle and add light styling product before leaving, your curls will add volume and texture.

Medium textured

It's perfect if you are losing hair at your temples because of the high fade, and the bulky top can hide some early signs of crown thinning hair as well.

Flat top buzz cut

A timeless classic, the slicked-back look will enhance your appearance regardless of whether you have a widow's peak or a receding hairline.

Slicked back

Although a fringe isn't always a smart choice for thin hair, a layered, untidy one can help conceal several problematic hairline types and camouflage a thin texture.

Layered, messy fringe