9 Best Cat Breeds for Your Apartment

American Shorthair: American Shorthairs are known for their easygoing nature, low grooming needs, and moderate activity level. They are adaptable and can be content in small living spaces.

Ragdoll: Ragdolls are known for their docile and affectionate personality. They are moderately active and prefer lounging around with their favorite human.

Persian: Persians are calm, sweet, and easygoing. They are not hyperactive and spend most of their day sleeping. They are great for apartment dwellers who prefer a relaxed and low-energy cat.

Birman: Birmans are calm and docile cats with soft voices. They are more sedentary compared to other breeds but still enjoy playtime with their owners.

British Shorthair: British Shorthairs are one of the oldest cat breeds and are well-suited for apartment living. They have a calm and independent nature, making them adaptable to small spaces

Russian Blue: Russian Blues are known for their gentle and reserved nature. They are moderately active and enjoy interactive play sessions.

Scottish Fold: Scottish Folds are known for their unique folded ears and friendly personalities. They are adaptable and can thrive in small living spaces.

Sphynx: Sphynx cats are hairless and require regular bathing to maintain their skin health. They are known for their affectionate and social nature.

Siamese: Siamese cats are known for their vocal nature and high energy levels. While they may not be the best choice for all apartments, they can still adapt well to smaller living spaces with proper exercise and mental stimulation.