8 Best Large Plants For Living Room

Fiddle Leaf Fig:

Makes a strong statement with large, dark green leaves; thrives with direct sunlight and occasional pruning to control growth.

Majesty Palm:

Adds a tropical touch with tall growth; requires sunny windows and regular watering to prevent dryness and maintain humidity.

Snake Plant:

Low-maintenance indoor plant with slow growth; comes in various sizes and varieties, prefers indirect light and infrequent watering.

Money Tree:

Indoor plant that can grow tall under proper conditions; needs a few hours of direct sunlight and consistent moisture in the soil.

Dragon Tree:

Long-lived indoor plant with versatile light requirements; benefits from some direct sun and regular care for compact growth.

Parlor Palms:

Slow-growing palm ideal for lower-light living rooms; thrives without direct sun and requires consistent moisture to prevent drying out.

Olive Tree:

Unique addition to the living room with silvery green foliage; requires plenty of direct sunlight for optimal growth.

Bird of Paradise:

Large indoor plant with dramatic leaves on arching stems; prefers direct sunlight for blooming but can still thrive in lower light conditions for foliage enjoyment.

Rubber Plant:

Ficus elastica, also known as the rubber plant, is an excellent choice for tall indoor plants; with proper care, it can grow to the ceiling, but pruning helps manage its size.