9 Day Treadmill Workout Plan To Lower Blood Sugar

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Day 1: Warm-Up Walk: Ease into your treadmill workout with a 10-minute brisk walk to get your blood flowing.

Day 2: Interval Training: Alternate between high-intensity sprints and moderate-paced walking for 20 minutes to boost insulin sensitivity.

Day 3: Steady-State Jog: Maintain a consistent jogging pace for 30 minutes to help regulate blood sugar levels.

Day 4: Incline Challenge: Increase the treadmill incline gradually over 25 minutes to enhance glucose metabolism.

Day 5: Speed Intervals: Switch between fast running and walking for 15 minutes to improve glucose uptake in muscles.

Day 6: Endurance Run: Push your limits with a 45-minute steady-paced run to enhance insulin sensitivity.

Day 7: Active Recovery: Engage in a light 20-minute walk to aid muscle recovery and maintain blood sugar balance.

Day 8: Hills and Valleys: Alternate between uphill climbs and downhill walks for 25 minutes to optimize glucose utilization.

Day 9: Cool-Down Stretch: Wind down your workout with a 10-minute slow walk followed by gentle stretching to promote relaxation and blood sugar regulation.