9 Flowers You Plant Once That Come Back Every Year  A Low-Maintenance Garden

Sweetbay Magnolia

Liven up your partly shaded areas with this fuss-free flowering tree. Sweetbay magnolia loves moist, acidic soil and thrives in wet areas, rewarding you with beautiful blooms with minimal effort.

Inkberry Holly

Enjoy winter interest with this easy-care evergreen shrub. Inkberry holly produces black berries (on female plants near males) and prefers part shade with moist, acidic soil.

Virginia Sweetspire (Itea)

Add a touch of elegance to your rain garden with Virginia sweetspire. This flowering shrub boasts beautiful white flowers in spring and stunning fall foliage.

Barlow Columbine

This low-maintenance beauty is a favorite among gardeners. Easy to grow from seed, Barlow columbine attracts hummingbirds with its showy flowers and readily self-seeds for a continuous floral display.

Heuchera (Coral Bells)

Banish shade boredom with Heuchera! These shade-loving perennials boast spectacular foliage in a range of colors, from deep red to bright gold and lime green.


Grow gorgeous blooms with minimal effort! Hydrangeas are surprisingly easy to care for, especially shade-loving varieties like panicle hydrangeas. Just remember, they're big fans of water.


Plant peonies once, enjoy them for a lifetime! These sun-loving perennials are true garden gems. Not only do they boast stunning blooms for decades, but they're also drought-resistant.


Tough and beautiful, coneflowers are a must-have for low-maintenance gardens. These hardy, drought-tolerant perennials offer long bloom times and come in various shades of pink and purple to add cheer.


This shade-loving perennial is a champion of low-maintenance landscaping. Hosta thrives in various climates and requires minimal care. Plus, you can easily divide mature plants to fill more space.