9 Red French Tip Nails To Try For A "Cherry Girl Summer

Cherry Red Almond Tips

The trendiest manicure style is the French tip nail. It looks amazing on all nail lengths, but Bieber's almond shape stands out in particular.

3D Coquette Bow Adornment

For months, ribbons have been the hottest trend in fashion, and they look equally amazing on manicures. For the coquette nails of your dreams, adorn your nails with a three-dimensional bow.

Deep Red Tips With Crystal Cherries

Go for a rich "cherry mocha" tone to seem seductive and dark. The somber polish hue is given a fun twist by bejeweled cherries.

Bold Bedazzled Tips

Try putting ruby-colored rhinestones on each and every tip for an incredibly garish twist on the classic red French manicure.

Red-Hot Flames

Take this as a cue to apply more polish to your upcoming manicure. Ask your manicurist to replace your usual white French tips with striking red flame designs.

Pretty Pearls

Complete the "quiet luxury" look of your red Frenchies by using tiny pearls on each and every nail.

Minimal Micro Frenchies

Minimalist manicure enthusiasts concur that subtle micro Frenchies are fashionable. Without being too much, a splash of bright red adds just the right amount of interest.

Monochromatic Cherry French Nails

If, like a lot of other RNs, you're all red right now, consider wearing red-on-red monochrome Frenchies. The base color of this style is orange-red, and the tips are deep crimson.

Luxe Textured Tips

Apply satin stripes over your cherry red tips to give your French tips an opulent look. In essence, they are red bottoms in nail form.