9 Ways to Style Your Baby Hair, No Matter Your Skill Level

Giant Loop

Embrace elegance with a single, sweeping curl delicately placed under a veil, akin to H.E.R.'s signature look at the Oscars. 

Extra Wavy

Channel beach vibes with sharp, Big Kahuna-style waves around a sleek ponytail, as seen on Normani at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Deep Waves

Elevate a slicked-back bun by incorporating wavy baby hairs that seamlessly blend into your crown, as demonstrated by lozvassallo.

Half-Up, Fully Styled

Showcase natural curls with a tight, half-up ponytail adorned with delicate swoops at the edges, a style favored by Hannah Bronfman. 


Make a bold statement with rhinestone-adorned baby hairs, as showcased by joyjah. This intricate style, accompanied by zigzag-parted cornrows

Combed Down

Opt for sleek sophistication with baby hairs gelled straight around the hairline, complemented by a subtle S-pattern wave at the sideburns, as seen on Alicia Keys.

Sideburn Loop

Enhance straight-back cornrows with long, wavy squiggles along both sides of the face, ending in a neatly sculpted loop at the sideburns.

Spikes & Spirals

Reach new heights with a spiraling high bun adorned with soft, scalloped baby hairs framing the hairline, as worn by Megan Thee Stallion. 

Swirled & Slayed

Showcase impeccable styling with slicked-back baby hairs sculpted into dramatic swirls that mirror the soft waves of the hair, as seen on Bree Runway. 

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