Angie Harmon mourns family dog allegedly killed by grocery delivery shopper


Actress Harmon, known for her role in "Rizzoli & Isles," shared a tragic incident on Instagram where her family's dog, Oliver, was allegedly shot and killed by a delivery worker from Instacart.


Harmon claimed that the delivery driver, after completing the delivery, shot their dog despite no signs of aggression from the animal.


The actress expressed shock and devastation over the loss of their beloved pet and criticized law enforcement for releasing the suspect, who claimed self-defense.


Instacart responded to the incident, stating that they have suspended the shopper's account and are cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation.


TMZ reported the incident occurring at Harmon's home in Charlotte, North Carolina.


The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department provided a statement confirming the incident and stating that no criminal charges have been filed at the time.


According to the police statement, the delivery driver alleged that he acted in self-defense after being attacked by the dog.


The investigation is ongoing, and CMPD's Animal Care and Control also responded to the scene.