Italian Dessert Recipes: 8 Classic Recipes

Sicilian Cannoli by Mangia Bedda: An iconic Italian dessert featuring crunchy, sweet shells filled with rich, creamy sweetened ricotta filling. Learn how to make your own cannoli shells with step-by-step instructions for a truly homemade treat.

Classic Tiramisu by Veronika's Kitchen: Renowned for its rich and creamy texture, tiramisu is a beloved Italian dessert made with espresso-dipped ladyfingers layered with mascarpone filling and topped with cocoa powder.

Salted Caramel Budino by Good Life Eats: Irresistible yet easy to make, this dessert features a cookie crust topped with vanilla pudding and homemade caramel sauce. A festive make-ahead treat that will satisfy any dessert lover.

Orange Maple Panna Cotta by Food Nouveau: This elegant dessert features a creamy panna cotta flavored with orange and maple, topped with bright citrus pieces and a crunchy maple crumble for a delightful combination of flavors

Bomboloni (Italian Doughnuts) by Inside the Rustic Kitchen: Soft and light Italian doughnuts rolled in sugar and filled with Italian pastry cream, these bomboloni are insanely delicious and perfect for a special treat.

Crostata di Frutta by Inside the Rustic Kitchen: A beautiful and classic Italian dessert made with flaky shortcrust pastry, vanilla pastry cream, and topped with fresh fruit and apricot jam for a fresh and light finish.

Raspberry Pistachio Semifreddo by Food Nouveau: This elegant dessert is a no-churn ice cream made with raspberries and pistachios, creating a gorgeous and memorable treat that can be enjoyed year-round.

Lemon Polenta Cake by Family Style Food: A rustic Italian-style cake made with whole-grain cornmeal and fresh lemon, served with a simple dusting of powdered sugar or topped with fresh fruits for a festive touch.