Sophia Bush: I Finally Feel Like I Can Breathe

I almost canceled my wedding in April 2022. I stayed a model wife instead of fleeing. My ex-husband sent a sweet Instagram tribute to our first anniversary in 2023.

I sat down and picked a photo while others online pressured me to publish something what a bizarre area of public life to negotiate.

They took a black-and-white snapshot of us fleeing away. Now I comprehend the bittersweet irony.

Make it appear effortless. Make it appear flawless. If your smile is bright, no one may see your fractured teeth up close.

Because I believe in people and ideas so profoundly and powerfully, I hadn't recognized I'd spent the previous two decades supporting others while often neglecting myself.

Maybe I was overly sensitive. Maybe you experience this when you settle down later in life and have to make room for someone else.

A marriage requires compromise. You know the rest. So I married. One of the best wedding weekends ever. It was great with our closest friends and family.

After the wedding, I went through the sorrow of the fertility process, which was my most life-changing event.