The 7 Worst-Designed Cars Ever Made

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AMC Gremlin (1970-1978): Its unconventional hatchback design, combined with a short wheelbase and odd proportions, earned the Gremlin a reputation for being one of the ugliest cars ever produced.

Fiat Multipla (1998-2010): With its bulbous shape and mismatched headlights, the Multipla's design was polarizing at best, often cited as resembling a "space alien" rather than a family car.

Edsel Corsair (1958-1959): Ford's attempt to launch a new brand failed spectacularly with the Edsel, as its gaudy front grille and excessive chrome accents made it a laughingstock in the automotive world.

Suzuki X-90 (1995-1997): Marketed as a sporty crossover, the X-90's awkward combination of a small two-door body and oversized roof gave it a cartoonish appearance that failed to attract buyers.

Reliant Robin (1973-2002): Notorious for its instability due to its three-wheel design, the Robin's unconventional looks, combined with its propensity to tip over, made it a laughing stock on British roads.

Chevrolet SSR (2003-2006): Trying to blend retro styling with modern performance, the SSR ended up as an awkward mishmash of design cues, with its bulky proportions and retractable hardtop failing to resonate with buyers.