The 9 Best Haircut Ideas for Long Hair In 2024

Dimensional Butterfly

Right now, the butterfly cut is in. The movement and variation that define this style are there in this dimensional rendition, but the layers are lengthy enough to allow for a reasonably low-maintenance appearance.

Curls and Bangs

Long ringlets are a gorgeous look all by themselves, but they have even more bounce and lift when bangs and a few short, face-framing layers are added. To foster curls that are coiled to their maximum capacity, refine your curly hair routine.

Minimalist Long Layers

Strong statements can be made with even the fewest layers. These long, wispy layers, albeit cut well below the face, add movement and structure to both straight and wavered lengths.

Long Brushed Curls

Your texture can reach longer lengths when you use the right cut and style products on finger-raked curls. A beautiful, flowing shape can be achieved with a few well-chosen layers.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs can make any long haircut look better, but this combination of long, blended layers and full fringe is especially lovely. Lash-skimming bangs can be worn in two different ways with the same cut: parted and as curtain bangs.

Bangs and Layers

Full bangs give a boost to cascading layers. The front layers fall neatly in place, giving way to the fringe with ease. Finally, use your preferred oil to control flyaways and avoid unwelcome frizz.

Low-Maintenance Shag

Together with your stylist, come up with a cut that accentuates rather than detracts from your natural texture for tough layering without the added upkeep. Thanks to its natural waves, this long shag is more durable.

Angel Wing Layers

Even if the face is framed by several shaved layers, adding layers well below shoulder-level keeps a cut polished while yet providing striking shape and flow. The incredibly low layers are designed to spread out like wings.

Graphic Wolf Cut

Although the wolf cut is already bold, it is elevated to a whole new level by incorporating extremely short, razor-cut parts throughout the highest portion. Get a texture spray, and if you're going to let it air dry, make a commitment to embracing the mess instead of trying to control it.