Top 8 Fast-Growing Annual Flowers

1. Marigold

The traditional fast-growing annual is a good pick. Flowering yellow, orange, and mahogany within eight weeks of seeding. Plant marigold in full sun and well-draining soil for maximum results.

2. Sweet Pea

With its ruffled flowers and tiny tendrils, this vining vixen thrives on bean tepees, arbors, trellises, and fences. Southerners should plant in October, while northerners should seed in early spring since sweet peas enjoy it chilly.

3. Morning Glory

This fast-growing annual vine is popular for its old-fashioned elegance and trumpet-shaped pink, white, purple, blue, and magenta blooms. As a sun worshipper, the petals open each morning.

4. Zinnia

These cheerful bloomers come in practically every hue. Early seedlings develop days after seeding, followed by blooms six weeks later. Zinneas are floral favorites.

5. Phlox

Phlox is a fast-growing, attractive plant that may be used in hard-to-grow areas. Early summer drifts of tiny blooms in pink, red, white, blue, and purple look great in borders and in containers.

6. Bachelor s Button

Its fluffy blooms recall Grandma's garden and are adorable. They grow easily and appear quickly in sunny regions where the mature plant may self-seed and naturalize.

7. Nasturtium

Nasturtium, a herbaceous perennial, is commonly considered an annual. Its beautiful orange blossoms on emerald green leaves make it the finest edible flower. It grows quickly and requires little maintenance.

8. California Poppy

Its fernlike leaves, cupped flowers the color of the setting sun, and easy-growing habit make this native-to-some-states wildflower appealing. It thrives in broad sun, thus its name.