Top 9 Cichlids We Love To Keep In 29 Gallon Aquariums

Electric Blue Acara: Known for their striking electric blue coloration and peaceful demeanor, Electric Blue Acaras are a popular choice for 29-gallon aquariums.

German Blue Ram: With their vivid blue and gold hues, German Blue Rams are not only visually stunning but also possess charming personalities.

Apistogramma: Apistogrammas, often referred to as dwarf cichlids, are small yet captivating fish that thrive in 29-gallon setups.

Keyhole Cichlid: Keyhole Cichlids, named for the distinctive spot on their flanks resembling a keyhole, are prized for their gentle nature and stunning appearance.

Bolivian Ram: Renowned for their hardiness and attractive appearance, Bolivian Rams are a popular choice for hobbyists seeking a visually appealing yet resilient fish species.

Kribensis Cichlid: Kribensis Cichlids are known for their fascinating breeding behaviors and striking coloration, making them a captivating addition to any aquarium.

Firemouth Cichlid: With their fiery red accents and engaging personalities, Firemouth Cichlids are sure to command attention in any aquarium.

Cockatoo Cichlid: Named for their distinctive crest resembling a cockatoo's, these cichlids are both visually striking and full of personality.

Convict Cichlid: Despite their small size, Convict Cichlids are packed with dynamic personalities, adding excitement to any aquarium.